29 Jan 2020

Made in Italy kitchens on show at the Basel Fair

Architecture, design, interior furnishings, but above all, innovation, research and Made in Italy style, were the keywords that characterised EM’s presence at the Swissbau fair.

Two brand new projects formed the centrepiece of the event, two modern kitchens that successfully combine Made in Italy quality with the contemporary needs of day-to-day life. Two diverse furniture and design characters, sharing the same balanced style.

The first kitchen is K-Lab, the latest creation by Giuseppe Bavuso, inspired by the big industrial workbenches and is characterised by a decisive, dynamic, informal furnishing style.

The second kitchen is One, the Made in Italy project which since 2007 has never failed to surprise. Today’s update is the response to new trends in terms of style and comfortable living.

There was a huge amount of public participation, keen to once again savour Made in Italy, created with a continuous commitment to each project, care and attention to detail; elements that make Ernestomeda projects recognisable the world over.

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