Elegance and Lightness with Ernestomeda Display Cabinets

25 Jun 2024
Elegance and Lightness with Ernestomeda Display Cabinets

The kitchen is increasingly becoming a hybrid space that connects with the living area, turning itself into a place to welcome guests, where no detail can be left to chance. Adding display cabinets in this context can bring personality, spaciousness, and elegance to the environment.

Spaciousness and Lighting

Display cabinets give the space a feeling of greater spaciousness, making it less enclosed. Additionally, thanks to the transparent and reflective properties of the glass, they create a sense of greater brightness.

Organization and Display

Display cabinets keep the interiors visible, making the objects themselves the main protagonists of the space, while also allowing you to organize the kitchen with style. These elements are not only functional but can become an integral part of the decor, transforming the kitchen into a true showroom.

Enhancing the Kitchen

With their design, they turn the kitchen into an even more pleasant environment to live in and showcase, adding a rigorous and impeccable aesthetic to the kitchen. Moreover, the addition of lighting, which can be placed at the back, top, or sides of the display systems, makes these elements even more distinctive.

In the Ernestomeda range, there are different display systems depending on the kitchen collection you choose. They can be configured as wall units or columns. Specifically:

One Collection Display System: Dedicated to the One collection, this display element can be a perfect solution for wall units or columns, adding character. The door has a thickness of 20mm and can be customized with 3 different types of glass: transparent gray, clear reflective, and smoked reflective. The clean design features an opening with a sculpted bottom.

View System: This element is designed for the Sign Collection, featuring a 20mm door and 4 types of glass to choose from, in addition to those already mentioned for the One collection display system. The standout feature of this display system is the option to have a glass side, a striking characteristic that makes the cabinet luxurious.

Show System: The door of this display cabinet is elegantly thick at 28mm, and the construction of the aluminum frame is of notable quality. There are three types of glass available: clear diamond (exclusive to k-lab), transparent gray, and clear reflective. The design of this element is clean and rigorous, evoking the living area, softening the environment, and providing continuity with the adjacent spaces of the home.

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