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Have you already contacted the dealership? To receive after-sales service on an Ernestomeda product, you need to contact the dealership where you purchased your kitchen. The dealership is an essential point of contact, since its staff designed and installed your kitchen and have in-depth knowledge of the product. It is your first port of call for any requirements and your contractual provider of any after-sales service. Ernestomeda does not sell directly to consumers. If the problem has not been resolved after contact with the dealership, you may contact us directly.

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If you’ve already contacted your dealership but have not solved the problem, or if you need to contact us directly, fill in the form and send a service request directly to Ernestomeda.

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If you haven’t managed to use the form, you can contact us directly by your preferred means; you can also contact us privately on our social media profiles. However, filling in the form is our preferred method and the fastest as it provides us at once with all the information we need to deliver the service you need. So if you choose to contact us by other means, please include all the information required in the form in your initial message.

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