How to Choose Kitchen Materials

19 Dec 2023
How to Choose Kitchen Materials

One of the most challenging decisions when undertaking a kitchen project is precisely that of choosing materials. Ernestomeda offers an extensive range of materials and finishes to accommodate the most unique requests. But before heading to the showroom, it can be useful to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the style of the house?
  • What are the dominant colors in the room/house?
  • How often is the kitchen used?
  • How organized/precise are you during meal preparation?

To understand the right material, it is necessary to analyze personal style preferences and kitchen work habits. Each material responds to different aesthetic and performance needs. Additionally, not all materials are available for all elements (countertops, doors, tables, accessories, etc.) or for all Ernestomeda collections in the range.

Answering these questions will greatly assist Ernestomeda designers in guiding requests towards the selection of the most suitable materials.

Furthermore, to explore available finishes, you can delve into the World of Materials, showcasing all materials and finishes within Ernestomeda's range.

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