Create a harmonious style across your spaces: the Daylight system in your home design

13 May 2024
Create a harmonious style across your spaces: the Daylight system in your home design

In designing home environments, it is important to start by defining a style, creating a mood, an atmosphere, an idea of living that adheres to a consistent design concept.

A precise character capable of emerging from every space and piece of furniture. Harmony can be achieved through some thoughtful touches, such as recurring elements that create a connection between the different areas of the house in a play of parallel references.

To achieve this harmonious style, the design of Giuseppe Bavuso, Art Director of Ernestomeda, offers modular solutions that can be adapted during the design phase to various environments and can meet multiple functional requirements. Composable modularity that can personalize different elements with a perfectly consistent and harmonious style.

One of these solutions is the Daylight system, configurable in various sizes and capable of making each space unique. The open compartments lighten and embellish the composition, creating an interesting play of empty and full volumes. The elements feature a minimalist design, configurable with shelves and drawers in different materials and finishes. They allow for organizing the space while keeping the contents visible and can be integrated among columns, base units, or wall units.

  • Daylight in Base Units: The Daylight open compartments can be integrated among the base units of the kitchen to create a direct connection with the living area, where they are usually positioned.
  • Daylight in Columns: They can be integrated into columns for a highly impactful open solution, thanks to the alternation of full and empty spaces.
  • Daylight as a Bookshelf: Also perfect as a bookshelf for the living area, even more precious when combined with the View display cabinet.

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