Sign – the new designer kitchen from Ernestomeda

15 Jul 2022
Sign – the new designer kitchen from Ernestomeda

One of Ernestomeda’s most impressive and largest projects. Design by Giuseppe Bavuso.

The home is conceived as an intimate nest but also as a place open to new opportunities, where the various rooms interact and communicate with each other. The kitchen underlines this new approach to the home, becoming an extension of the living zone, the room where people come together.

In design terms, Sign is created to deliver not only superlative formal and aesthetic values, but also outstanding functional features. Designer modules and components achieve performance levels very close to professional standards.

The quintessence of a designer kitchen
Sign is a modern kitchen with carefully selected materials and offers a mix of colours, ideal for an elegant yet comfortable interior design scheme.

Total intermingling of kitchen and living zones
Features with strong emotional impact and essential lines convey the image of a luxury kitchen in complete communication with the living zone.
Together with the shelves and glass-fronted cabinets of the Daylight system, the elegant open boiserie panel inspires display areas in harmony with the rest of the home. Even the working area changes its image and is surrounded by open units and coordinated storage solutions equipped in different ways.

Re-defining exclusiveness
Every detail conceals the spirit of Sign: ergonomic, immaculate and refined. A luxury modern kitchen, able to meet all the home’s needs.
The elegantly contoured profile of the Zed door and the MDi induction hob in Stone+, with its simple, plain design, have an impressively exclusive, original image.

Making the difference
Design and leading-edge innovation extend from technical to aesthetic aspects, in the finishes and materials.
A factor which guarantees the interior designer the highest level of freedom of expression. 
The new finishes include lucem metal lacquered and the canneté wood effect hi-melamine line, an exquisitely refined option.

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