Eurocucina 2018 - Ernestomeda presents Inside System

Eurocucina 2018 - April 17/22.
Pav.11 stand A15 B16

Ernestomeda presents Inside System
And enriches its kitchen models with original compositional elements.
New materials and finishes for K-Lab and Soul.
Icon confirms its status as one of the brand's leading models.
Design Giuseppe Bavuso

For Ernestomeda, Eurocucina 2018 is the opportunity for officially presenting the new Inside System project and the original compositional elements common to the different kitchen models, as well as the new range of finishes and materials for K-Lab and Soul. Icon will also be on display at the exhibition, confirming its status as one of the brand's leading models. All these projects bear the signature of Giuseppe Bavuso, now the company's Art Director.

Inside System is a genuine system of storage units/walk-in cupboards which can be customised on the inside with various types of fittings, all essential for the composition of a project with strong stylistic impact, with its own unmistakable, informal style. One of the project's fundamental features is the way in which the free-standing storage units open out completely, with a system which rotates the doors and moves them sideways to stow in a pack at the sides, freeing up the entire opening to allow access to the interior. The Inside System mechanism was developed and designed by Ernestomeda. The Inside System door finishes include the entire assortment of glass, veneer and lacquered options available.
The interior of Inside System, in all its various versions, is a microcosm of convenience and elegance, whether equipped as kitchen, a larder, a wine cellar or even a laundry and broom cupboard.

Display of the brand’s kitchen environments.
17-21 april 2018 h. 10.00-13.30/14.30-20.00
20 april h. 18.30-22.00 Private event
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