30 Apr 2015

Ernestomeda takes part in ‘IN ITALY’. A Federlegno Arredo Eventi project.

Ernestomeda is one of the companies chosen by Federlegno Arredo Eventi for the "IN ITALY" project, the main aim of which is to promote worldwide knowledge of the beauty “system” behind the Italian lifestyle by means of an App.

It promotes the Italy of makers, who combine an artistic tradition that goes back thousands of years and centuries-old crafts with an approach to industrial manufacturing that, even today, still retains this ‘craft’ feeling, transforming every piece, every object and every material into a unique item.

The "IN ITALY" APP, created with state-of-the-art 3D mapping techniques, recounts all this in a few clicks.

In each of the videos, containing five renderings, users will be able to click on the objects shown to find out who manufactures them, the corporate history concealed in each piece, and the attention to detail intrinsic to each production step. Touching the screen will reveal the entrepreneur, craftsman and designer who make that specific item a piece with a unique history and tradition.

Ernestomeda presents Icon, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, in the lovely setting of the Val D’Orcia.

Download the APP from www.initaly2015.com.

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