Milan Design Week 2019

Happy to announce our presence at MILAN DESIGN WEEK 2019. You can find us at Monobrand Ernestomeda Milano by Misura Arredamenti (Via Larga N. 9) with the display space dedicated to the new K-Lab, a project by Giuseppe Bavuso.

K-Lab is a kitchen of innovative design, in which ‘cult’ features are mixed with contemporary lines, high-tech materials and original functional solutions, inspired by the large workbenches found in industrial contexts.
A project with a strong design impact and tasteful elegance, adpting an informal stylistic language.
You can observe it closely, in the finishes, in the materials, in the technical and design details at our Milan’s showroom during these opening hours (Mon: 15:00-19:00. Tue/Sat: 10:00-13:30/14:30-19:00. Sunday closed).

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