The groove strip of the baskets continuing along the side facing panel.
Biomalta is a hand-applied innovative finish that has been fully tried, tested, ecological and biocompatible.
Deluxe solid woods are thick, choice-grade timbers. All the irregular features give this material its natural beauty.

Obliqua owes its name to the special “oblique” angle of doors and worktops

A kitchen with a well-balanced yet strongly characterful image that combines simple forms, patterns and materials and a craftsman-like attention to details.

design by R&D Ernestomeda

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The cooking and washing zones, attractively linked by the handy snack-top

This Obliqua composition, an object lesson in ergonomics, is arranged along two parallel islands, each of which accommodates one of the kitchen's most functional features. The boiserie panel and the open units connect the working area to the living zone, for a stylish, sophisticated interior design scheme.
design by R&D Ernestomeda
Technical solutions

The tall units frame the working alcove housing the washing zone

In this layout, technological steel and warm wood combine in an attractive contrast, giving the interior elegance and dynamism. This inset area which also features the Clever and Order shelves dialogues with the compact, functional island.
design by R&D Ernestomeda
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