Carré Special Price extension

Carré means versatility and combines eclecticism and avant-garde design, responding to the observer’s imagination to pay homage to the kitchen as a place for sharing, the centre of the home’s daily life. Carré special promotion continues until December 31, 2017. Not to be missed.

Carré is a bitmap image, made up of a series of pixels which can change the final appearance of the whole, since every item in the kitchen has its own position, and its ownvalues in terms of colour, material and so on. This is why Carré is so versatile and eclectic: there are so many combinations of colours and materials, in the handles, work-tops and fronts, that the compositions created can easily be adapted to very different rooms and contexts.” (Marc Sadler)

For any enquiries, please contact us at [email protected]

* Promotion valid on all items specific for Carré program, not including cross items to the Ernestomeda range such as appliances and worktops.

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