Our Idea of Award – Italian Edition

09 May 2022
Our Idea of Award – Italian Edition

The awards ceremony of the Our Idea of Award - Italian Edition contest was held on 9 May at Villa Montani (Pesaro and Urbino, Italy). The winning projects were outstanding in the originality, complexity and excellence of their kitchen design.

First prize: Dolce abitare - Q home

The first prize was awarded to the Dolce Abitare showroom and architect Valeria Aretrusi, for the Q home. Geometrical design, Scandinavian touches and eco-sustainable principles.

The letter Q represents an enclosed core, the symbol of the home, with a descending curve simulating the hill leading down to the sea, since the home was build on a gentle hill overlooking the Adriatic Sea.” Valeria Aretusi

The kitchen design was particularly impressive in the complete harmonisation of the kitchen composition with the building’s architecture, and its ability to utilise its key features to suit the specific space. It also provided a great sense of continuity between indoors and outdoors, between the house and the surrounding landscape, through the intelligent choice of high-tech and eco-friendly materials. 

In its eclectic, welcoming style, references to Nordic architecture blend with floral details in charming colour combinations.

A recently built house in the tranquil countryside near Pavia

The project by Cighietti Arredamenti, which received an honourable mention, was in Total White, the most versatile of all for an evergreen kitchen. The choice of Total White adds light to the interiors in a comfortable, attractive continuity of colour, creating a simple, minimalist ambience with an intimate, welcoming mood.

A rural farmhouse in the hills near Piacenza

The second honourable mention, awarded to the Pialorsi Arredamenti showroom, for Contaminations of modern and rustic styles, was selected for its original combination of contrasting materials and styles, including rustic and modern, wood and steel. A functional, labour-saving solution skilfully designed for a lighter, more elegant interior. 

Design solutions all springing from an idea, concept or sensation. All outstanding in their creativity and their talent for reinterpretation.

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