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When we design a kitchen, we also consider the context where it will be installed, taking care over every tiniest detail to ensure it fits perfectly into your world. This is essential to create a unique kitchen, in harmony with space and time.

It all started with an ambitious aim. The aim of promoting Italianness worldwide, through innovative design, leading-edge technology, constant research and development and a passion for quality. Day by day, this concept acquired form in a company. A company aware of its mission: to observe, experiment and achieve something different. Something special. And so from the very beginning, innovation has played a key role, together with a vocation for “tailor-made” products, reflected in attention to details and solutions allowing a high degree of personalisation. All supported by the financial soundness, excellent business reputation and know-how of the Scavolini Group, of which it is a member since 1996.

Its associations with prestigious designers mark out the stages in Ernestomeda’s history. Giuseppe Bavuso, Andreucci&Hoisl, Marc Sadler, Rodolfo Dordoni, Pietro Arosio, Castiglia Associati, Carlo Bartoli and Zaha Hadid, partner in the development of Z.Island, a revolutionary, futuristic kitchen. The company’s experimentation, fervid imagination and unstoppable drive led to the futuristic events with Jean Nouvel, designer of the Corian® Nouvel Lumières, a living-room with surfaces in materials that establish original dialogues in light, and with the AquiliAlberg firm, creators of Tron designs Corian®, the concept kitchen featured in the exhibition dedicated to the film Tron, in association with Disney® and DuPont™.

The combination of industrial capability with atelier philosophy, in perfect keeping with the company’s strategy, led to the development of the Contract Division. In Italy, the Contract Business Department offers a package of services for the promotion of new projects and co-marketing activities with real estate developers. Ernestomeda also successfully meets the needs of the contract sector on all the various export markets, in spite of their widely different demands, competing effectively both in product customisation and in the various price bands, thanks to the breadth of its assortment. Similarly, the division that specialises in the design of galleys for Yachts, Megayachts and large pleasure craft which is proud to work with the CRN, Custom Line, Pershing, Mochi Craft and Ferretti boatbuilding yards, stars in the production of “made-tomeasure” installations, specially developed for the marine sector.

ernestomeda s.p.a.
Via dell'Economia 2/8 - 61025 Montelabbate Pesaro (PU) Italy - tel.+39 0721 48991
Reg.Impr.Pesaro 01344090418
Cap.soc. €4.000.000 i.v.
Società con socio unico

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