The Z.Island kitchen designed by Zaha Hadid is installed in a Moscow apartment

12 Jun 2020
The Z.Island kitchen designed by Zaha Hadid is installed in a Moscow apartment

“I design powerful, changeable, fluid forms, and I always think about how they would look if they were floating in space.""
Zaha Hadid

An exquisite project which constructs the Z.Island kitchen designed by Zaha Hadid in the city of Moscow, in Russia. It was created by architects Anna Karpova and Dmitry Kulish for LVA-Interior interior design studio.

Z.Island  is a fluid kitchen, conceived by the world-famous architect in association with . Ernestomeda and DuPont™  It is innovative in its finishing of materials, its structural organisation and its integration of state-of-the-art technologies with the aim of providing a design solution to a futuristic idea of the kitchen. Capable of translating imagination into image and image into architecture, Zaha Hadid redesigned the familiar, traditional kitchen in her own unique style.

Fluid forms and volumes that float in space, exploring unusual angles. Zaha Hadid's deconstructionist design releases forms from a classical architectural schema. The design which emerges cannot be traced back to any specific traditional kitchen type.

The cooking island, with hob and hot plate, is elongated in shape and has a curved right edge, while the washing island, with sink, draining zone and integral fully concealed dishwasher, is hexagonal and compact.

Zaha Hadid's genius for the unusual use of forms, volumes and surfacesis apparent everywhere. Spaces acquire a new feeling of instability, capable of putting their constituent components, and defining features, into fluid motion.

The apartment's owner asked the architects to create a super-contemporary interior, featuring some of the world's most famous designer furniture.

The starting-point was this Ernestomeda kitchen in Corian polymer plastic. In fact, Corian plastic is the key to this interior. The curved forms of the kitchen island are the basis for the development of the rest of the space. Harmonising with the theme of the kitchen, the designers created an irregularly shaped wall in the same material, constructed by Russian producers, with a guest bathroom behind the wall.

The interior is built on the underlying principles of nature itself. Attractive looks and the harmonious coexistence of various forms in a single ""image"", which only nature can ensure is always fresh and original, and never tedious.

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