The new "Ernestomeda Next" digital platform for company visits

18 Feb 2021
The new "Ernestomeda Next" digital platform for company visits

A platform based on innovative technologies to re-create the experience of a visit to the company. Called Ernestomeda Next , it has been developed to overcome the legal limits on the organisation of face-to-face meetings at this difficult time, in view of the current problems in making travel arrangements.

Originating from an idea by Alberto Scavolini, CEO of Ernestomedaand Claudio Tonti, Head of Strategy of digital company Websolute, the project gradually took shape in the difficult context of the first lockdown, powered by the considerable experience of Websolute - one of Italy’s top digital companies operating in the digital technology and communications and digital marketing and commerce sectors - and Ernestomeda’s strong talent for innovation.

Ernestomeda Next  is a multi-user 360° immersive virtual reality platform featuring a two-way videoconferencing system, which can be used either from a normal PC tablet or smartphone or with Oculus virtual reality headsets for the maximum immersivity. Available in two languages (English and Italian), it overcomes the limitations intrinsic conventional videoconferencing tools, which, although they have been extremely useful in recent times, are unable to deliver a real experience of   presence in a location or a 360° view of products.

Ernestomeda Next  offers the chance of a guided visit through the Ernestomeda world, for a first-hand presentation of stories and products, including world premieres, and it will be constantly updated with new models, new interiors and new projects, with a high degree of flexibility and the utmost efficiency at all times.

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