Tasteful with a strong personality: the reinterpretation of the Obliqua model

14 Sep 2020
Tasteful with a strong personality: the reinterpretation of the Obliqua model

Ernestomeda presents the updated version of one of its best-selling models: Obliqua. The various configurations of the new Obliqua create rooms in which elegance and innovation merge: leading-edge design, expressed through the kitchen’s compact, immaculate lines, also gives the room warmth and intimacy. With a tasteful yet strongly characterful image, Obliqua is named after the special "oblique" angle of the doors and worktops and is a blend of simple forms, exquisite textures and materials, and beautifully crafted details.

Simple, elegant design

The continuity of colour achieved by using a single shade for the worktop, handle grooves, doors and plinths gives Obliqua both a refined allure and a strong visual impact. The choice of open-pore Black Oak wood extends a warm, intimate mood to the entire project.


An object lesson in ergonomics

In the second composition, Obliqua is arranged along two adjoining walls, each of which accommodates the kitchen's functional features: the cooking and washing zones are attractively linked by the convenient Snack table. The boiserie panel and lacquered open units provide the ideal connection between the working area - in bio-resin- and the living zone, to give the interior a distinctive, attractive, sophisticated style.


Elegance and simplicity

The symmetry and forms of the tall units - which frame the original working alcove housing the washing zone - are the key feature of the third Obliqua composition. The model includes the attractive Clever and Order shelves, which provide the background for the compact, functional island. The chilly elegance of steel and warm wood combine in a contrast of shear beauty, giving the interior even greater style and dynamism.

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