Reopening in safety

07 May 2020
Reopening in safety

The spread of Covid-19 in Italy and internationally has forced us to rethink the way we conduct our personal and working relations, our business, and the way we use open and public spaces and, last but not least,  our homes. Our comfort zone, a safe daily space, which for months now has also been our office, our gym, our kids’ classroom, and a place for ‘remote’ meetings with our loved ones.

The initial closure of most businesses was a necessary measure for all our health, but now we have to look to the future and we believe that this time, so difficult for all of us, has given us the opportunity to reassess our role and our relationship with our customers.

We have encouraged the use of  online consulting. A way of reaching anyone who has needed us in their own homes, so they have not had to leave their comfort zones. A method very few of our partners had explored before, but which is now an important solution. And which - thanks to the positive feedback received from the many people who chose to use it - we intend to transform into a  permanent service, because of the excellent communication it provided, with a virtual closeness that enabled us to provide our customers with valuable support.

From 4 May, the company has restarted all production operations in full compliance with health and safety protocols. We are delighted to be back at work and can only thank our colleagues for the flexibility and enthusiasm they have shown as they continue to work remotely.

We have organised training webinars for our partners to ensure they feel our support and to prepare them for the restart. The next step will be theirs, with the reopening of the showrooms.

Our stores are organising to reopen as soon as possible, from 18 May, and to be able to welcome anyone who needs to view our products at first hand, and reach their purchasing decision with complete peace of mind, in safety with one-to-one appointments.

Together for a safe reopening.



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