Our Idea of Website: new design and new storytelling for the Ernestomeda website

03 Nov 2021
Our Idea of Website: new design and new storytelling for the Ernestomeda website

The new Ernestomeda website is now online. A huge project undertaken in partnership with Websolute – one of Italy’s top digital companies - on which the company has been engaged for the last few months, and which features not only new graphics but also a much more profound change, involving the use of a new language. To recount the brand’s exceptionally high quality and ceaseless research, we put “why” in front of “how”, by putting “projects” before “products” and “systems” and “collections” before “models”, using the language of kitchen architects and designers, whether from our points of sale or independent professionals.

Ernestomeda places its new website at the service of beauty and storytelling, using it to express the potentials of the locations and contexts in which its kitchens create real, satisfying experiences without sacrificing usability, easy access from mobile devices, quick consultation and also rapid interaction with the company itself through a range of contact tools.

Sustainability, quality, beauty, functionality and the infinite world of Ernestomeda materials come to life in the skilful hands of kitchen architects, who create unique, unrepeatable interiors, all absolutely consistent with our idea of design.

Thousands of items of content, photographs, videos and texts intended to inspire consumers and architects and help them to find their own idea of design in a vast world of solutions, technologies and materials, the true protagonists of our kitchens, and of the section focused on them. Materials and their excellence provide the starting-point, link and final destination: they can be searched for, filtered and linked to projects and models.


Be inspired by the new Ernestomeda website:

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