Michele De Lucchi updates an Ernestomeda kitchen model

30 Jan 2019
Michele De Lucchi updates an Ernestomeda kitchen model

Exclusively for the Horti property development project, Michele De Lucchi updates an Ernestomeda kitchen model

Michele De Lucchi reinterpreted one of Ernestomeda’s most successful models in a limited edition capsule designed exclusively for the Horti residential complex in Milan.
The project partner was Milano Contract District, selected by BNP Paribas for having transformed the mere supply of products into a project for the specification of an exclusive kitchen.

Michele De Lucchi’s project gave the kitchen a new look using wood with a bas-relief surface. The panels featured a regular pattern of slats on which the light appeared to vibrate in chiaroscuro effects.

The technologies available to Ernestomeda and the choice of European ash, one of the most ideal woods for numerically controlled shaping, enabled the experimentation and definition of a new architectural skin, which confers great aesthetic and symbolic value on the kitchen. This three-dimensional pattern was inspired by the sketches and sculptures in Michele De Lucchi’s Cataste series of evocative, archetypal constructions, for which“no change in use, functional adaptation, technological change, real estate agreement, value estimation or a new lifestyle will ever cast doubt on the architectural worth of a woodpile”.

The centre of the kitchen programme visible on the second floor of the “Casello” at via Orti 25 is the elegant island with the wooden doors designed by De Lucchi, crowned with a worktop in Breccia Imperiale granite. The wall composition features base and tall units in Mocha Matt Lacquered finishes, worktop and wall cladding in Cocoa Velour Stone+ and the InLine wall unit in reflective clear glass with Mocha Matt Lacquered frame.
The composition is completed by the living area featuring boiserie panels, wall-mounted base units and shelves in Vaio Grey Matt Lacquered finish, with surface and upstand in the same finish.

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