Ernestomeda publishes a series of brochures to promote some of the finest details of its latest collections

14 Sep 2020
Ernestomeda publishes a series of brochures to promote some of the finest details of its latest collections

Ernestomeda has decided to publish a series of brochures  to illustrate the special features of some items in its collection. After the brochure on the Gourmet hob two more are now being issued, on the  Order shelf and Surf drawer accessories respectively.

Furnishing gems, exquisite, unique accessories that reflect the Ernestomeda laboratories' meticulous product research and development. Designed by art director  Giuseppe Bavuso , they spring from the wish to make food preparation a simple, convenient process, thanks to very careful organisation of spaces and painstaking analysis of the way we move around our kitchens. “Details”, that aim to make the kitchen a comfortable space, practical but still with all the pleasure of elegant, refined design and contemporary lines. A place that delights  first and foremost the sense of taste but also those of touch and sight.



Purity of form for the art of kitchen design.
The Surf drawer accessory system specifically references the  paintings of Mondrian, where regular lines and intersections harmonise with a succession of  blank and coloured blocks. Convenient distribution is achieved through a composition of purity and rigour, in a perfect synthesis of tidiness and style that makes full use of every centimetre of drawer capacity.

Thanks to a vast selection of customised fittings and the potentials of the removable partitions of different sizes,  the spaces inside drawers can be modulated and organised to suit personal taste , to ensure the utmost convenience and practicality in the kitchen.



The secret to multiplying and subdividing space.
The Order shelf combines impeccable lines with versatile components. A perfect synthesis of elegance, convenience and excellent technical details, where an attractive blend of materials, design and function multiplies space and solutions in the kitchen.

The space between base and wall units is a strategic resource within the kitchen. The Order shelf is an extremely practical and useful way of equipping and utilising the working zone that is simple and stylish too.

Compatible with all Ernestomeda kitchens, it can dialogue with any compositional feature.

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