Ernestomeda obtains coveted Product Circularity certification.

18 Feb 2021
Ernestomeda obtains coveted Product Circularity certification.


Ernestomeda  is one of Italy’s first fitted kitchen industry companies to obtain  Product  la circularity Certification, issued by certifying organisation  Cosmob, which has published its own technical regulations “Cosmob Qualitas Praemium –Circolarità del prodotto arredo” for the circularity of furnishing products in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 14021 standard on environmental declarations.

To be defined as truly  efficient, a production process must be able to optimise the product’s functions , guarantee its  circularity and reduce its environmental impact , by ensuring that the resources used in the process will subsequently be made available for reuse.

 Years of responsible policies and constant hard work to minimise wastehave enabled Ernestomeda to achieve impressive results over time, such as the important milestone of the development of a truly circular production system.

Product circularity is assessed through the measurement (balance of matter) of the resources used for the manufacture of an eco-sustainable product. In Ernestomeda’s case, this involved testing of all its furnishings, in the various carcase and finish variants, and specifically of units with veneered, laminate, lacquered and glass doors, and the different components, on the basis of a series of indicators that provide an overview of the type of input materials and the destination of the output materials.

The circularity measurement performed and certified by Cosmob on Ernestomeda products yielded excellent results, with up to 99% reuse.


”We’re very proud to have received this new certification, to which we give great importance, as it once again proves our commitment to the environment and the care we take over our production process, aware of the crucial nature of the choices we make today and their effects on the world we will leave to coming generations: our environmental transition is already under way,” 

states Alberto Scavolini, CEO of Ernestomeda.

Product circularity certification forms part of an ongoing strategy of improvement on the part of Ernestomeda, which has always been sensitive to environmental issues and has a long-standing commitment to reducing its footprint on our planet.

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