Browse the new One / Obliqua catalogue online

02 Dec 2020
Browse the new One / Obliqua catalogue online


Ernestomeda has produced  a new catalogue to tell the stories of two iconic projects that have shaped the company's history, two projects characterised by simple, elegant design that can adapt to different situations and locations with style and refinement.

Developed by the  Research and Development department, they are grounded in the study of lifestyle trends, and aim to make the kitchen - so important for quality of life in the home, as the focus for socialisation and family relations - o  a convenient and welcoming place, practical and comfortable, suitable for all furnishing needs and contexts. An interior that can bestow style on its surroundings without becoming domineering or excessive, with a strong personality but in perfect harmony with the rest of the home.

Two major projects Ernestomeda has decided to promote through the storytelling of a special catalogue.

One is a versatile, contemporary kitchen project. Its compositions feature an original sense of architectural balance and a strongly natural impression, with colour contrasts and material-effects with varying degrees of tactility.

Obliqua is an elegantly styled, innovative kitchen that takes its name from the distinctive oblique shaping of its doors and tops. It combines simple forms, patterns and materials and a craftsman-like attention to details.



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