The New One. Contemporary, versatile deisgn. The restyling of the One project.

Freedom of expression in lines and shapes is the distinguishing characteristic of the restyling of the One model, with R&D by Ernestomeda. The kitchen is designed on versatile, contemporary principles, using material-effect solutions with different degrees of tactile perception: the potential compositions strike an ideal architectural balance between originality and naturalness.

There are many exclusive stylistic features: the new One's design versatility enables the creation of diversified, original compositions, with combinations of quality elements and finishes, generating different moods and impressions within the kitchen.



With simple yet sophisticated furnishing details, the composition aims to ensure the kitchen's practicality: the fitted open units and roomy cupboards with their monolithic look enable optimal use of spaces and furnish the interior with elegance, equally effective on entire walls or small corners of the room.



Ernestomeda conceives the kitchen as a location for meetings and interactions, where new, precious memories can be created: it has therefore styled functional compositional solutions, ideal for designing an elegant, warm interior for family life. The island structure is able to give the interior sophistication and a welcoming air, aided by the dialogue between exquisite colours and finishes, creating a composition that responds perfectly to the demands of socialisation.



A peninsula is a clever solution for expanding space: the kitchen communicates with the living area, creating an interior for the family to live to the full. Every detail of the kitchen's furnishings underlines the beauty of its surfaces.



A minimal, refined design scheme, intended to deliver the utmost convenience and delight the senses of touch and sight, thanks to strong contrasts of materials, interplays of textures and clearly defined shapes. The resulting straight-line composition is designed to enhance the room's natural light and ample spaces with the aid of wall units, worktop and wall cladding in Sahara Noir Elite laminate, and base units in Incense matt laminate.



The rich veins, the vibrant, natural surfaces and the patterns bestow warmth and create elegant contrasts with the kitchen's colour shades. Duality of volume becomes a key feature, both in the varying thicknesses of the washing and cooking zones and in the dialogue between wood and more high-tech materials, for dynamic, charismatic kitchen design.


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