03 Jun 2019

Kitchen design special contest: the plan magazine renews its partnership with ernestomeda

For the second consecutive year, Ernestomeda is partnering The Plan magazine and the Kitchen Design Special Contest, the competition dedicated to the design of residential kitchens, organised and sponsored by the magazine.

The highly respected jury – consisting of top figures from the architecture and design world and Ernestomeda representatives, including Ernestomeda art director Giuseppe Bavuso, company CEO  Alberto Scavolini, architect Vittorio Grassi, editorial coordinator of The Plan Nicola Leonardi, and Gerd Bergmeister and Michaela Wolf from the Bergmeisterwolf architecture firm, winners of last year's edition of the prize - examined the various projects entered for the competition and announced the winner.

The prestige award was assigned to the Nero Lava project by the Iraci Architetti firm, considered the most successful of all in giving substance to the concept of the kitchen as focal point for life and sharing inside the home, through the well judged distribution of spaces, the design of the components, the use of materials and the technologies chosen.

In the project, created for a villa in Sicily, the kitchen - positioned with a view of the sea - is in total symbiosis with the organisation of the general layout and in continuous interaction with the living room. The coveted award was presented to the design project during the official ceremony held on 24 May at the Fondazione Riccardo Catella headquarters, in Milan.

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