Castiglia Associati



Sergio Castiglia, architect and designer, was born at Terni, studied in Rome and founded the Castiglia Associati firm together with his partner Marinella Santarelli and college friend Maria Tiziana Tazza 28 years ago.
Although most of their work was for clients in the North of Italy, they chose to live and locate their office in Terni as this would allow them to dedicate more time to family ties and enjoy a better quality of life.
Over the years they have produced design and projects for the furniture and home fittings industries and designed buildings and interiors. They have a large number of publications to their credit, as well as many successful products that have received awards or prizes at international fairs or exhibitions.
They have worked in companies in various sectors such as kitchen, bathroom and office furnishings, home decorations, accessories, lighting and tap fittings, doors, materials, etc for famous brands including Arc Linea, Scavolini, Ernestomeda, Salvarani, Inda, Lema, Vistosi, Confalonieri, Fima, Movi, Ferroli and many others.
To celebrate their firm’s 25th anniversary they published a book which told their story in images that reveal the souls of their designs, express their approach to design and detail some of their many collaborations.

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