Ernestomeda's Policy on Privacy

Ernestomeda spa acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of its users' personal data and believes that the protection of the same personal data is its own precise responsibility. For this reason Ernestomeda spa has conformed to the rules of the legislation on personal data protection.

By registering in the Ernestomeda site you will grant your consent to personal data processing, accepting the following terms and conditions:
  1. Data stored by Ernestomeda
    Ernestomeda stores data supplied only where specifically authorised to do so by the user.
  2. Use of information provided to Ernestomeda
    From when you provide Ernestomeda spa with your data, it will be used in the way specified in the disclosure (e.g. in the event of requesting a specific service and/or to offer customers a better service, e.g. by contacting you to inform you about products and initiatives and/or to answer, if you wish, market research and/or for marketing purposes, etc.).
    Amongst other things, in anonymous form, Ernestomeda spa studies the use of the site made by the users to improve its services.
  3. Data collected and third parties
    Ernestomeda spa will not sell or lend personal data. If necessary, personal data will be communicated only to other companies and/or commercial operators and/or dealers of the Ernestomeda Group.
    Ernestomeda spa has contact with “third parties” both to maintain the website and/or develop communication strategies and/or to provide any services requested. In some cases your data will be shared with said third parties with the only purpose to allow Ernestomeda spa's collaborators to carry out their work at best by developing new services. For no other reasons will Ernestomeda spa assign the collected data to third parties, except for the cases expressly provided for by law.
  4. Security
    Ernestomeda spa uses appropriate measures in accordance to the state of the art of security technology to protect the collected information adopting suitable security measures as established by the law. Despite the strict security and privacy measures applied by Ernestomeda spa, the user must be aware that no data transmission by Web can be guaranteed to be inaccessible to strangers. In such a case Ernestomeda spa accepts no responsibility.
  5. Acceptance of privacy regulations and changes
    Ernestomeda spa may make occasional changes to its privacy regulations. Therefore, users who have granted their consent are recommended to read this page on a periodical basis in order to be updated on privacy regulations.
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