21 Feb 2018

Ernestomeda at the new Eataly point of sale in Stockholm

Ernestomeda will be a key player at the first Eataly point of sale in Sweden, at Biblioteksgatan 5, the historic location of the Red Kvarns cinema in Stockholm. This continues the partnership between the high-end kitchen producer and Oscar Farinetti's brand, which began last year with Ernestomeda's participation at FICO Eataly World, the globe's largest food park, opened in Bologna in November. Eataly Stockholm will bring with it all the Slow Food philosophy and all the genuine goodness of foods and wines from the Italian tradition, with a particular focus on quality of raw materials and sustainable production methods.

The point of sale will focus clearly on sourcing the best Italian products and telling the unique stories of their producers: the restaurants will offer authentic Italian food experiences on a daily basis, while the Eataly School will give the opportunity to learn the secrets of Italian cuisine.
Against the backdrop of the Swedish location, Ernestomeda will operate a classroom containing the Obliqua model: a kitchen with a well balanced yet strongly characterful image, named after the special "oblique" angle of the doors and worktops.

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