our idea of design

Contemporary forms that still embrace the past. A timeless spirit.

Perfect balance of function and form, for modular systems conceived for designers.

our idea of innovation

For us, everything is open to change. Always.

There is reason for even our most daring design choices.

Our priority is not more, but better.

Only what is needed - but everything you need.

our idea of value

Value does not depend on price, it sets it.

Materials, technologies and solutions are worth what they deliver, no more and no less.

our idea of love

Love is to be found in details.

We care tirelessly for them, because together, they provide the perfect experience.

Touch, sound, light - every detail is essential, in a unique story.

Descubre nuestra idea de cocina

La cocina K-lab, de alto grado de personalización, es la indiscutida protagonista de Navetta 30, el nuevo yate de Custom Line

La Yacht Division está concebida para integrar la excelencia del diseño con la calidad y seguridad de la vida a bordo.
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