01 jul. 2020

Torre Littoria: the renovation of a historic project in the heart of Turin

A historic building, constructed in the 1930s and symbol of the rationalist architecture of that period, the work of architect Armando Melis De Villa and engineer Giovanni Bernocco. Turin's tallest residential building, it is one of the city's five tallest buildings overall. A monumental complex standing on via Viotto, between piazza Castello and piazza San Carlo.

Torre Littoria is one of the symbols of Turin and today its long-term owner is making it the subject of a major renovation project, to target the luxury rentals sector. The interior is being completed by Milano contract District, Ernestomeda's historic real estate partner.



Working alongside architecture firm Camerana & Partners, which handled the art direction and size layout of the tower's apartments,  Milano Contract District was appointed by the customer to support the firm in the creation of the interior design. The “design&build” project team, which specialises in projects of this type within MCD worked on the development for over 15 months.



«It was a real piece of three-way teamwork with Camerana & Partners and the customer," founder Lorenzo Pascucci explained. “The biggest task was to translate a complex interior design project drawn up on paper into the supply of customised interior products and solutions that would keep quality standards high and still remain within the budget allocated by the customer.»



The 19-storey building, almost 90 metres tall, will contain single one-floor units and duplex apartments with adjoining terraces, to be enhanced with smart technologies including state-of-the-art home automation, conciergerie, and wellness and communal areas.



A redevelopment project of great historic and cultural value. The project's interior design partners include Italy's top design brands, including Ernestomeda, an obvious choice in this context.

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