Ernestomeda @Milano Contract District

Since 2010, Ernestomeda has been the only contract operator in Milan capable of delivering a formula that, over the years, has proved to be a winning one: the Contract System through which a dedicated team weighs exclusive solutions for each client and offers an ad hoc services package to both operators and end users having to do with co-marketing enterprises and activities specific to each stage in the builder’s yard.
Today, Ernestomeda is part of the production excellence of the best brands of interior and home design and brings into being an exclusive project for real estate professionals, architects and interior designers: the Milano Contract District.
Ernestomeda is a veritable corporate showroom, occupying an area of 270 square metres within this contract-dedicated 1,700-square-metre multi-function space in the heart of Milan. Conceptualization, design, marketing and 360-degree actualization of customized projects, together with the unfailing quality of the products offered by our partners, make up the founding distinctive assets of the District, which dedicates its resources to the world of contract starting with the earliest stages of the builder’s yard.


District reserved to professionals – By appointment only – Additional information

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