15 Mar 2017

Ernestomeda FuoriSalone 2017

We look forward to welcoming you to our showrooms, to explore Ernestomeda kitchens' striking design.
At Ernestomeda Corporate Showroom Via Melloni no. 3 and at the recently inaugurated Ernestomeda Flagship Showroom in Milan, via Larga no.9 . The displays focus in particular on the evolution of the Soul kitchen which boasts new materials and new design inspiration: the ideal blend of functionality and hedonism.

Flagship Store Ernestomeda Milan
Via Larga, 9
3/8 April 2017
Opening times: 10 am / 1.30 pm - 2.30 / 8.00 pm
Closes at 7 pm on Thursday 6 April.

Ernestomeda Corporate Showroom
Via Melloni 3
3/7 April
Opening times: 10 am / 6 pm

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