Ernestomeda at Fico Eataly World

Ernestomeda has chosen - to participate in FICO (Fabbrica Italiana Contadina - Italian Farm Workshop) Eataly World, the world's largest food theme park, in Bologna.The massive Eataly project will occupy an area of ten hectares and will display "the wonders of Italian biodiversity" with two outdoor hectares of fields and animal sheds and eight hectares of buildings housing a vast assortment of different businesses: from production units to shops, not to mention educational and play-sports areas, through to a Congress Centre and a university Foundation.

In this "food citadel", Ernestomeda will have its own area, displaying a large composition of the Icon kitchen project, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, fully operational and forming the centre of a classroom, as the Ernestomeda area will be used to host meetings and cooking courses.
Icon is the perfect synthesis of functionality and design, immaculate styling and exceptional technical performance, and is conceived as a space with minimalist, elegant design, ideal to serve the varying needs of consumers with sophisticated, contemporary taste.

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