14 Jan 2014

Carré Special Promotion

Carré: Chic&Cheap, but never square! Don’t miss the Carré Special Promotion valid until June 30, 2014. “If I had to choose just one word to describe Carré, that word would be “multifaceted”, reflecting its ability to be all things to all persons.” (Marc Sadler) Carré combines eclecticism and avant-garde design, responding to the observer’s imagination to pay homage to the kitchen as a place for sharing, the centre of the home’s daily life. The most distinctive feature is the handle.
This multifaceted kitchen has an extremely innovative, trendsetting detail: a “handle”, which transforms the conventional fixture into a recess in the door, incredibly convenient and stylish. Carré also offers vast assortment of solutions possible and an impressively wide choice of colours, which guarantee personalisation. For details, [email protected]

* Promotion valid on all items specific for Carré program, not including cross items to the Ernestomeda range such as appliances and worktops.

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