Z.Island by Zaha Hadid for Ernestomeda at the Milan Triennale

Ernestomeda, will be represented in the Arts & Foods. Rituali dal 1851 exhibition, to be held from 9 April to 1 November 2015 at the Milan Triennale, the only EXPO Pavilion to be located in the city centre, with its Z. Island kitchen, designed by Zaha Hadid.

The exhibition, curated by Germano Celant, occupies an area of about 7,000 square metres and creatively reflects the theme of the Milan Universal Exhibition - Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life - through hundreds of works, objects and documents lent by museums, public institutions and corporations, collectors and artists from all over the world. Visitors will enjoy a time-travel experience, as the works of writers, musicians, photographers, architects and designers are used to reveal how the rites of eating and entertaining have changed from 1851, the year of the first Expo, to the present day.

Z.Island, the kitchen created by Zaha Hadid in association with Ernestomeda, will be included in the final part of the exhibition, which focuses on the very latest concepts. Constructed throughout in Corian®, Z.Island is characterised by innovative features with regard to the processing of its materials, its structural organisation and the integration of state-of-the-art technologies, reflecting the approach of Ernestomeda itself, constantly oriented towards innovation and continual research. The kitchen’s structure consists of a single block with a hob, to be fitted with a screen on which videos specially created for the exhibition will be shown.

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