The K-lab, with a high degree of customisation, is the undisputed star of the Custom Line Navetta 30

The Yacht Division’s mission is to reconcile design excellence with quality and safety of life on board.



What would your dream holiday be like? The Yacht Division’s mission is just this, to design luxury interiors that can satisfy every need and guarantee the highest level of comfort in a completely unusual context. Care over every tiny detail, meticulous attention to each individual feature, blending unique design with impeccable construction quality, makes these interiors perfect for the most wonderful moments of your holiday.




Romantic and rich in charm, Navetta 30 is characterised by modern elegance and contemporary style. It unites the architectural language of the yacht-building tradition, the choice of “live” materials, exquisite workmanship and the power of light, in a perfect whole. Longevity in motion, sophisticated elegance and amazing performances express the vision of the sea that emerges from this yacht’s design.



Large windows in the hull, over 2 metres of deck headroom and ample areas at both stern and bow provide an immediate sense of spaciousness. The outdoor areas are ideal for dining and for relaxation, and also expand the spaces for socialisation and the privacy on board. What’s more, integration and interconnection between interiors and exteriors is central to the whole project, from bow to stern.



The galley is furnished using the K-lab collection designed by Giuseppe Bavuso, providing an interior with outstanding looks and technical performance. Specifically, it features design details such as the Nexus handle or the exclusive zerogloss finish, extremely matt and soft to the touch, developed through laboratory research and tests.




The worktop is in an exquisite Quarz Easy Canyon in gloss finish, while the material of the open units is Zerogloss matt lacquered in silt colour.




With the Navetta 30, the tailor-made style typical of Custom Line achieves its highest, most sophisticated level of personalisation. A synthesis of unique design and quality construction in every detail, this craft expresses its own, strongly distinctive contemporary design language.

A luxury yacht for an all-embracing experience.




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