Ernestomeda is the first italian kitchen manufacturer to receive coveted "Made in Italy" certification

Ernestomeda is the first Italian kitchen manufacturer to receive certification of the Italian origin of its furniture issued by CATAS and COSMOB, Italy's two top wood and furniture testing laboratories, independent certification bodies which support and assist Italian furniture producers in the control and verification of the products placed on the market.

The certification is based on the Italian UNI 11674 standard, introduced in 2017, which now sets the regulatory framework for the declaration of Italian origin of finished furniture.

Products safety and Italian origin is regularly verified and documented, as are the location of production processes within Italy and the product's safety and durability performances, to provide accurate, reliable proof of continual compliance with the standard's requirements.

The standard requires compliance with the following:
Process requirements: the significant phases (the manufacturing processes of the unfinished component materials and the finished product, final assembly and packaging) must take place in Italy.
Product requirements: finished products must comply with minimum safety, resistance and durability requirements in accordance with the relevant technical standards, to which UNI 11674 refers (the national UNI 11663 standard setting the resistance and durability requirements for domestic storage furniture and the European EN 14749 standard, which defines the safety requirements and testing methods for storage furniture and worktops for domestic use).

After verification of compliance with all the necessary requirements, Ernestomeda was awarded the coveted, respected “Italian origin of furniture" certification mark, proving specific proof of the Italian origin and quality of its kitchen models.

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