Corian® Nouvel Lumieres.
Dialogues in light and sophisticated high-tech applications.

Jean Nouvel, one of the greatest masters of international architecture, has designed and constructed "Corian® Nouvel Lumieres" , a living environment with extremely innovative features in association with DuPont™ and Ernestomeda .
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Technical solutions

The project is a prototype. The doors of the cupboard and wall cabinets are highly-translucent Corian® panels, supported around the edges by a Plexiglas frame. The backlit rear panels create extraordinary Chinese shadow effects with the shapes of the utensils inside.

All the elements presented (panels, surfaces, finishes, etc.) are in Corian®, which appears here in a variety of unusual applications, the ideal container for revolutionary domotic design features, touch-control panels and heating membranes.

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